I help my clients succeed in world markets. I provide strategic legal advice and problem-solving to help them gain or maintain market access around the globe for the goods they make and the services they supply. I assist them through rights-based advocacy based on trade agreements including the WTO Agreement, free trade agreements and other treaties. I advise on trade negotiations, trade policy, legislation and administrative proceedings -- and litigation before the World Trade Organization (WTO) or free trade agreements when appropriate. The webpage here on Trade Law provides examples of my work. 

I've handled problems for industries from agriculture to high tech. I have especially deep experience in digital and internet businesses- software, recorded music, online video and cloud-based services of all types.  Contact me here.  

After 20 years as a trade lawyer in the US government and in Geneva, and nine years in major international law firms in Washington DC, I opened the Law Offices of Amelia Porges in 2009. Located in the Washington DC area near the Federal trade policy agencies and the U.S. Congress, I follow trade policy developments everywhere and work with my clients to solve problems and advance agendas. 

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