Regional trade agreement dispute settlement

This page collects information on disputes brought under regional trade agreements (RTAs). It follows up on the chapter on dispute settlement in regional trade agreements for the World Bank-published Trade Agreement Policies for Development: A Handbook (Jean-Pierre Chauffour & Jean-Christophe Maur, eds., World Bank 2011). A downloadable PDF of the chapter is available here

The pages linked to below list major RTA dispute settlement fora, and known RTA disputes, with links to the panel decisions and information on outcomes when available.  The coverage of this section is best for the Western Hemisphere. The coverage of African regional trade courts and disputes is missing and will be upgraded soon: for information on African RTA dispute settlement I recommend James Thuo Gathii's African Regional Trade Agreements as Legal Regimes (Cambridge, 2013). 

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Last edited:  11 January 2019. 

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